• What are the requirements to join?

    We will work with your company to ensure that you meet our supplier requirements. For example; insurances, licenses, training, maintenance processes, technical integration, etc..

  • What is HQ Connect?

    HQ’s Global Network of the industry’s leading transportation providers, powering HQ’s SummitGround booking platform. All suppliers are subject to a thorough vetting process.

  • Who are SummitGround’s service providers?

    SummitGround works with both your preferred suppliers and/or our HQ Connect global network of highly and continuously vetted suppliers as your business requires.  For more information on our HQ Connect service please visit HQ Connect page

  • Is SummitGround a mobile app?

    SummitGround supports multiple booking channels through our mobile app, our desktop (internet) solution, Corporate online booking tool integrations and others.

  • What type of mobility options can I book through SummitGround?

    SummitGround supports a wide range of mobility options depending on the service providers your company wants to use.  This includes from standard to luxury sedans, SUVs, MPVs, taxis, shuttles, and larger corporate vans & buses. We are continuously adding types of vehicles based on our clients’ requirements and so ridesharing…

  • What is HQ SummitGround for Business?

    SummitGround is the leading corporate mobility platform serving the world’s leading largest companies.  From booking through billing & payment, HQ SummitGround manages all your ground travel needs through a holistic enterprise solution.