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About the Starrett-Lehigh Shuttles

Where does Starrett-Lehigh provide shuttle service?

We provide three shuttle routes, connecting Starrett-Lehigh to Penn Station, Port Authority Bus Terminal, Hudson Yards 7 Train Station, and 23rd St & 14th Street in Chelsea.

For exact stops and schedules, please see the HQ app in WorxWell.

When are HQ Shuttles available?

The Starrett-Lehigh Shuttles run every weekday except federal holidays.

Approximate hours are: 
Mornings – 7:30 AM to 10:30 AM.
Evenings – 4:45 PM to 7:45 PM.

Please see the HQ app in WorxWell for exact schedules per route.

Who is the service available to? 

The HQ Shuttles are exclusively available to Starrett-Lehigh Building tenants through the WorxWell app. 

Where does the shuttle pick-up at Starrett-Lehigh?

The Shuttle pick-up is at the 11th Avenue entrance to the building.

How much does the shuttle cost?

The shuttle launches March 14th and will be free for the first 3 weeks!

After April 2nd, there are two options for shuttle tickets:
Single Ride – $2
10-Ride Pass – $18

Can I bring a guest?

For safety and security purposes, each rider must purchase their own ticket via their own WorxWellapp and present it to the driver.

Booking & Riding

How can I access the HQ Shuttle app?

In order to access the HQ Shuttle app, log in to the Worxwell app, click on the ‘Discover’ icon on the bottom of the screen and select the option ‘HQ Shuttles’.

How do I create an HQ Shuttle account?

After entering the HQ Shuttle interface within the WorxWell mobile app, enter your profile information to sign up for an account.

How do I book a ride?

Step 1: Open the ‘HQ Shuttles’ platform within the WorxWell app;
Step 2: Underneath your desired pickup or dropoff location, click on the shuttle pick-up time you wish to book;
Step 3:  Confirm if your trip details are correct and select ‘Confirm’;
Step 4: When it’s time to board, click on the ‘Activate ticket’ button, show your ticket screen to the driver and enjoy your ride!

How do I add my payment method?

Once our free launch period ends on April 2nd, you will be prompted to add a payment method during the process of purchasing your first ticket. For future reservations, the app will remember your payment preference.

Can I pay for the shuttle with my commuter benefits cards?

Yes! Simply insert your commuter benefits card information during the process of purchasing your first ticket.

Where do I wait for my HQ Shuttle?

In the app, you can view the exact stop location and see descriptive details by clicking the info icon next to the stop name, or tapping the stop on the map. After booking your ticket, the app will display the stop, and you can tap the stop name to view the address and details again. When it’s time for your ride, open the app and you will see a map – look for the moving bus icon in the app to see where your bus is and when it will arrive at your stop. HQ Shuttles run on schedule, so we recommend arriving at your stop at least a minute before your pick-up time.

Can I change or cancel my ticket?

To change your ticket, just cancel it and book a new one.

You can always cancel a ticket by opening the app and clicking on the option ‘Cancel’ on the bottom of your upcoming reservation. After doing so, an automatic refund will be credited to your user account and you’ll be able to book a new ticket using this pre-paid credit.

Note that once a ticket is activated it cannot be canceled.


How do I contact HQ Shuttles if I’m having issues with the app?

In the Worxwell app Shuttles page, submit a message through the Help button found in the menu in the top left. The HQ Shuttles support team will respond as quickly as possible.

How do I change my payment method?

Currently we can only store one payment method. If you need to change your payment method, please contact us on the Help menu.

I forgot something on the shuttle, what do I do?

In case of a lost or misplaced item, please contact us immediately  through the Help button found in the menu in the top left. The HQ Shuttles support team will respond as quickly as possible.

Health & Safety

What cleaning protocols are implemented for the shuttles?

The vehicles receive full cleaning & disinfection each day with EPA-grade disinfectants, spot cleaning of seats, common areas, and touch points.

Do I have to wear a mask to ride in HQ Shuttles?

Yes. Masks are required of all passengers.

How can I report concerns about COVID-19 protocol in my ride?

If you have any concerns during your ride, please contact us immediately  through the Help button found in the menu in the top left. The HQ Shuttles support team will respond as quickly as possible. You are also able to leave feedback by rating your most recent ride through the app.

Are drivers required to wear masks?

Yes. Please let us know if your driver wasn’t wearing one.

HQ Shuttles Policies

Am I allowed to talk on the phone during my ride?

We all know things come up. For both safety and comfort of other passengers, please limit necessary phone calls to quick ones and keep your conversation levels quiet.

Can I eat in the vehicle?

Feel free to bring small snacks or drinks onto the bus, but please wait until you exit the bus to consume it. This will help ensure face coverings remain on and keep the vehicles nice and clean.

Can I smoke or use an e-cigarette in the vehicle?

Smoking of any kind is prohibited on all shuttles.

Are pets allowed on the HQ Shuttles?

As much as we love all pets, only service animals accompanying customers with disabilities or their trainers are allowed on-board buses.

Can I bring a foldable scooter on the shuttle?

We all know how tricky it can be to get around sometimes. Passengers are welcome to bring a foldable scooter on the bus, as long as it can be placed within the space of your seat or on the overhead storage shelf, which is smaller than a typical airplane overhead bin.

About HQ Shuttles

What are HQ Shuttles?

HQ Shuttles are flexible and safe shuttle programs, offering employees & tenants convenient and comfortable rides through their companies & commercial properties.

Where do HQ Shuttles operate?

HQ Shuttles service a wide range of Fortune 500 companies as well as top Real estate owners across the United States.

Who is driving the HQ Shuttle?

HQ takes safety very seriously. We only work with the Industry’s leading transportation companies that have gone through a rigorous vetting process. All our fleet partners carry the highest level of insurance policies. All driver partners undergo thorough criminal background checks before driving for HQ.

When are HQ Shuttles available?

Service hours for the RXR Shuttle are: Mornings from 7:30 AM to 10:30 AM. Evenings from 4:45 PM to 7:45 PM.
Monday-Friday: YES
Saturday-Sunday: NO

Who is the service available to?

HQ Shuttles are exclusively available to Starrett-Lehigh Building tenants.